They say pictures are worth a thousand words but for me it’s a thousand emotions. I see a picture and I can remember exactly how I felt in that moment. With Full Potential Wilderness & Brooke the experience radiates through the lens. There’s nothing more soul fulfilling than an adventurous tour through nature. Nature is nurturing for the soul and having a phenomenal photographer capture all of this is beyond captivating!
My husband nor myself had ever been to CO but we had always wanted to explore the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. After hearing about Full Potential Wilderness, I knew we had to book a hike with them. We asked to not only see the mountains but also waterfalls as well. Our hike of the Wild Basin Trial was one of the most epic hikes we had ever experienced with an abundant amount of waterfalls. It wasn't just the breath taking views that was so enjoyable but the company as well. FPW even taught us a lot about the Rockies and the wildlife. My husband and I already can't wait to come back!
I planned a last-minute trip to Estes Park. I am a ultramarathoner and avid hiker, but didn’t have time to plan out all of my hikes that I wanted to do in Colorado. When I tried to plan things out, I saw that the park had all kinds of rules about the times that you can enter the park, etc.
To ensure that I had at least one epic hike, I decided to hire a hiking guide to make things simple. I contacted Full Potential Wilderness and told them that I wanted a challenging hike.
We set out early and had an amazing time! Plus, I had the bonus of having some great photographs taken of me that I would have never been able to take!
Jessy and Brooke know the park very well and will take you on a worry-free and adventurous hike! They are a lot of fun and we had many laughs.
I would recommend hiring them to take you on your next hiking adventure!!

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I booked our engagement photo shoot with FPW for me and my fiancé in March 2021, and they knocked it outta the Park for us and our pup, that we had to book another trip with them for family pics to include my son in June 2021. Both times Brooke and Jessy went out of their way to make sure that my fiancé got to see places he hadn’t prior and make sure that it was completely accessible for him (since he’s in a wheelchair and can’t walk). They showed us fire damage and gave additional facts about the area. They were very responsive and quick on their feet if something wasn’t working out they had another plan up their sleeve. Highly recommend them for any trip you have to Rocky Mountain National Park/Estes Park area. The professional photography, the hiking that was well thought out and planned to make sure we all were included, was top notch. They went above and beyond to make sure nature is accessible for everyone! The wildlife we got to see – coyotes, elk, deer and moose were a treat, the Continental Divide. They make sure you are taken care of, whatever you might need! Can’t say enough about these two beautiful souls that are doing their best to make sure anyone can get into nature, be it hiking, driving tours, solo, family, groups, wildlife, sunrise or sunset Full Potential Wilderness will surely deliver magical results! .

My family and I are from South Texas so planning our trip to the Rocky Mountains was I have to admit a bit overwhelming. We had no previous experience traveling to Colorado as a family but Brooke really helped us out. I knew I wanted to take family photos in the mountains and Brooke was able to plan it all out for us. The tour part was our absolute favorite! My family loves everything nature so my boys loved to see all the wildlife. Brooke knew a lot about the area and as we drove to different spots for pictures she pointed out different areas of the park and animals along the way that we would not have seen on our own. We stopped at many beautiful areas like the gorgeous Chasm Falls and stunning Bear Lake. The icing on the cake was the moose at Sprague Lake during sunset. If we ever make it back to the Rockies we would book her all over again!
I’ve enjoyed Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) so many times over the course of my life. As a local, I learned some of the history of the Park and enjoyed looking at the rocks. But my view of the Park was forever changed after my tour with “Ranger Rod”. I knew little of the geological episodes and the resulting formations created over time until he shared his inspiring knowledge. I will never look at any of this in the same way and I certainly appreciate it much more now. Rod’s knowledge of the Park’s geology provides the foundation for the view he is able to share. But it’s his true enjoyment and personal fascination with the creation of this spectacular beauty that visitors will enjoy. Rod not only imparts factual information, he adds his unique sense of humor and energy to each tour. I was so pleased with Rod’s inimitable trip through RMNP.


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